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Cache Valley drivers throw caution to wind

To the editor:

I have lived in suburb of Illinois before my wife and I moved here 20 years ago and thought they were horrific drivers in Illinois until we moved here. Year after year it has gotten worse, especially at four-ways stops. People in Cache Valley, not all of them, do not understand what a stop sign means. It means stop, not slow down and go. Also, speed limits mean go that speed, not 20 mph over that limit, especially in Sardine Canyon when the weather is inclement, such as snowing and black ice, even though you have a $60,000 truck and just do not care about other people here in Cache Valley. Also, slow down and then stop a full stop — not a rolling stop — at a stop light turning yellow. Better to stop at the yellow than go through it, better to be safe than sorry. Life is to short. My wife and I know this too well. Stay safe. That’s all folks

Richard Hedstrom


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