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To the editor:

I am writing out of concern for the Little Logan River. The canal that runs through Merlin Olsen, Pioneer Parkway, Jen Johansen and Willow parks as well as the fairgrounds is at risk of being covered in. Generations and generations of families have enjoyed this beautiful water feature.

I have been to over a hundred fairgrounds in my lifetime for various events, and the large trees and beautiful creek area definitely sets ours apart!!! Supposedly $50 million dollars of federal money is the driving force behind this initiative. The other side of that is the taxpayers will end up paying an additional 25% as has happened on other projects. So this isn’t the free puppy it seems to be being presented as.

My point is, the water features through these recreational areas are priceless. Once it is gone it can never be replaced. We have already lost a large pond that was located on the northeast side of the arena and the creek area south of the grandstand area was piped without any public input. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Please contact Loganriver@utwatershed.com or call 213-2872 to help us preserve and protect these areas. Also, reach out to your Cache County Fairgrounds advisory committee listed on cachecounty.org and let them know you’d like to preserve and protect this area in the master plan that is under review. Thank you for helping us keep this gem for future generations to enjoy!

Sammy Laird


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