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To the editor:

I read with dismay of the dozens of workers who tested positive for coronavirus after two Utah County businesses instructed employees to not follow quarantine guidelines and required people who test positive to go to work. (Thursday, May 7, HJ)

I am a registered nurse with extensive experience in communicable disease surveillance and infection prevention. My lifework was investigation and contact tracing of disease in a health department, and care of patients with contagious diseases such as tuberculosis. Now, I want to use this experience to protect the people of my hometown of Logan, as a candidate for the Utah Legislature, House District 4.

When I informed patients that they were diagnosed with a contagious disease and would have to stay home, invariably the first question they would ask was, "Who will pay my bills?" People with bills to pay will go to work while sick.

We have worked so hard to protect our community with the collective action of staying home and social distancing, thankfully, the rate of infection in Cache Valley has been relatively low. This can change quickly if we don't follow the guidelines of the Bear River Health Department and the CDC.

If your business is affected by COVID-19, please call the health department first. They will help your business, give you direction to protect yourselves and others, and will protect your privacy. I am sure the community will thank your business and support you through difficult times.

Mary DaSilva


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