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To the editor:

I was originally against impeachment up until last week, but now I am for it 100 percent. Our country is facing dark times ahead and we all know it. The only way to stop it is to impeach Trump ASAP.

More people are for impeachment now than ever before at this stage, according to the polls. Impeaching Trump at this point is the only way to stop foreign influence in our elections becoming the norm from here on out.

Where is the line for you Senators Romney and Lee? Being silent is being complicit and being complicit is contributing to the detriment of our great society. They need to say something already! Stop backing Trump. Stop being afraid of Trump!

Our senators live in this fantasy world where they think "maybe it will not be so bad if a Republican becomes a dictator of the U.S., at least it won't be a Democrat.” But their fantasy is completely off. Do you really think all these foreign adversaries helping Trump genuinely have our country's best interests in mind? Do Romney and Lee really think Trump has their best interest in mind? They should get a grip and stand up for the great nation our forefathers created, meant to be free of foreign influence at all costs. Otherwise Lee and Romney can get the hell out of the way and let someone who actually represents the people's best interest stand up and fight to uphold our constitution — as they once swore to do themselves.

I am particularly ashamed of Sen. Lee's defending the indefensible lately as my representative, and I hope he knows that he is going to be held responsible for trying to help end our great nation in all the history books our children read one day. He is a complete disgrace.

Chase Gibbons