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To the editor:

On Jan. 30 a special election will be held to fill the vacant county executive position. Over 700 delegates will have the opportunity to cast a vote. It is this group I’d like to address.

I want to recommend David Zook. He knows how to manage growth, he understands the value of service and mentorship, and he is willing to consider multiple perspectives. For the last nine years, David has been serving as the city manager for Nibley. As one of the state’s fastest growing cities, it has been doubling in size every decade since 1990. A 2014 study predicted Cache County will double in size by 2050. We need someone at the helm who knows how to balance economic growth while preserving open spaces and David is that person.

I have personally attended meetings with David for the Lions Club and The Family Place. He understands that policy alone doesn’t make a community better, it requires service too. David and I share the perspective on the importance of providing mentorship opportunities. Through job shadowing and teaching, David has taken the time to both impart the wisdom he’s learned throughout his years of service as well as listen to fresh perspectives. This collaborative approach is needed now more than ever if we are going to sustain such rapid growth.

I could say something positive about all four candidates in the running, but I think David Zook would be our best bet. I hope you will cast a vote for him on Saturday.

Keegan Garrity


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