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To the editor:

Here’s a word association. Ready? “Mass shootings.” Quick, what’s your response? How about “guns”? Reasonable, likely. OK, next one: “Unusually powerful hurricanes.” Your response? How about “hottest summer on record”? Or “increased number of devastating fires”? Or “worst drought in recorded history”? Or “500-year flood”? One response fits all: “climate change.” After mass shootings, we talk a lot about guns. Yet with the horrific news of Hurricane Dorian, as with many other extraordinary, even unique recent natural disasters, even as they become more frequent, as they become the “new normal,” the connection to climate change in the media is very slow in coming. It should be word-association quick: climate change should be said in the same breath as the disasters related to it. Time to face it.

Al Forsyth

River Heights