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To the editor:

Our precious America is on the ropes. She is not perfect but neither is she the bane of every ill, real or drummed up to divide people and acquire power.

Like a broken record, I’ll continue to proclaim that this country was founded by God-fearing men that were inspired to create our beloved Constitution. As with most things relating to Divinity, there are men that consider themselves smarter and more enlightened. These Pied Pipers of abject ignorance have gained traction as we have allowed standards of right and wrong, decency, morality and valuing life to be eroded away.

Let me state emphatically that there was no excuse for the violence in Washington and I hope that the perpetrators are brought to justice. However, before you hypocrites get your knickers in a wad, where were you when your leftist cohorts, by the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, burned down cities, destroyed family’s livelihood, took over police stations and murdered and injured policemen? Before you ‘tomato seed liberals’ ignore that question I suggest you look at your own hateful heart.

The crowds that went to Washington were parents, grandparents and children. Peaceful law-abiding citizens don’t rally with their children when their desire is to destroy. The rioters across the country, whose aim was to create havoc, didn’t bring their children on the paid-for buses they came on. They had a different jaded agenda.

Hitler was able to acquire power because Germans simply didn’t believe it could happen. When they finally woke up, the whole world paid a nasty price. For years, people joked about dead people voting in Detroit and Chicago. We are still sleeping on that front.

Mice die in mouse traps because they don’t understand why the cheese is free. The exact same thing happens with socialism. Those Pied Pipers of ignorance I spoke earlier of have convinced far too many that they can actually make it work.

I feel the urgent need to illustrate the massive differences between liberals and conservatives. Conservatives want the freedom to live their lives and grant others to do the same. Liberals not only want to live their lives but demand that you do as they want. This is the salient point. They not only want to shut down all conservative thought on university campuses, but on the airwaves and in print. This week one of those egghead philosophers even let it slip that conservatives should be sent to “re-education” camps! That should send shivers down your spine. That is right out of the Gulags of Russia and re-education camps of China.

Conservatism builds and edifies. Liberalism destroys, is cancerous and currently the most dangerous thing in America.

David B. Kerr


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