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To the editor:

I’m asking the tree huggers who rag about plastic grocery bags: What about the COVID masks? Most are made in China where there are no safety guidelines and most are made from petroleum-based synthetic fibers. How fast will they biodegrade and what’s the long-term effect of millions of germ-soaked masks in the future? When you combine your runny nose, cough, sneeze, and saliva with other elements, where do they go? (other than on the ground) To the landfill and eventually pollute the groundwater you may later drink or a housing project will be built on by a developer who could care less.

Now compare this: Your car needs fresh air to mix properly with the fuel for peak performance. The exhaust is expelled out the back. Your lungs need fresh air to supply your blood and body for its performance. By wearing the mask you are restricting the air because your exhaust is leaving by the mouth, not your “butt.” You might as well be sucking a tailpipe. It makes no rational sense. The COVID condoms are pushed by the left to scare and control you. Isn’t that a form of “domestic” terrorism? I sure think so.

Now tell me, if Bozo Biden were to give a speech in the middle of a forest and nobody was there to hear it (except dead logs), would he still lie? And if there were a clear path for him to follow in and out, would he still stumble and fall down? The answers would be yes. Of course the 2 mph breeze that blew him over could be blamed on Pres Trump. by the fake new media.

Please America, wake up and may GOD bless this country from destruction propagated by our own “domestic terrorists” some of you voted for. The left doesn’t want you as an informed citizen, they want you as a compliant subject. We must not succumb to their destructive whims. Masks and social distancing are part of their scare plan forever. We are not China (yet), we are still America, land of the free and home of the brave, because of the brave.

Russ Larsen


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