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To the editor:

Each man has two ends — the thinking end and the sitting end. Success depends on which end is used harder. It's very clear the left embraces the latter rather than the former.

Somehow, I have to put “Mutt” Romney in the latter as well.

He’s mad that he choked when he had the presidential nomination the last time. Now he wants his stale, moldy cake and and to eat it too. (Yuck.)

Romney is like Adam Schiff. They both claim to be “straight shooters,” when in reality both are like a drunk urinating into the wind.

Also, I believe he is trying to make excuses for his dad’s (George Romney’s) failed attempts decades ago. However, to his dad’s credit, he was the best governor Michigan probably ever had.

I do give “Mutt” an A+ rating on what he did for the 2002 Olympics in Utah. We are still benefiting from his efforts. However, that does not excuse his behavior.

Now I come to Sen. Mike Lee. I do have a great respect for him, but it appears he’s buddy-buddy with Romney. I would suggest he’s upset that neither he nor his brother (who were being considered for the Supreme Court) got the job.

Ergo, he is on the top of a razor-wired fence ready to hurt himself if he falls off.

I do wish Bernie Sanders a speedy and full recovery from his recent heart attack. (I’ve been there.) However, his recent take on climate change (not having children) makes me wonder if he’s against posterity.

Remember Bernie, you can’t take your millions with you.

I have said in the past that I don’t do much internet. However, in following D. Feinstein, Al Green, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke  just to name a few), I wonder what gives them the right to call “the kettle black” when they are all so called “honest politicians.” (Far from it.)

President Trump may be crass and crude in speech most of the time, but he calls a spade a spade without any watered down whitewash. (No P.C. words here.)

His economic numbers are the high. That’s because he is a businessman and not a corrupt politician, as are all the others.

You naysayers just can’t/won’t accept that.

In an Oct. 18 letter to the editor, Mr. Gibbons suggested that more people are leaning toward impeachment, when in reality President Trump will be elected once again by the suppressed “silent majority,” rather than the George Soros-funded masked or unmasked “Antifians” of the left.

The losers couldn’t get him on the “witch hunt,” so they created another and probably will try again and again until he is reelected next year. Then what?

The left is eviscerating their own cause. They are to blind to see or comprehend that.

The left party mascot says all.

Russ Larsen


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