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To the editor:

How hypocritical can one political party be? I’m talking about the “jackass” mascot party. They say it’s OK to have open borders for all illegals until they encroach on their neighborhoods, then it becomes a whole other matter.

President Trump is working mega-overtime to secure our borders as all of Congress members vowed to do so and have yet to deliver.

As far as those oaths go (judges and politicians), actor John Wayne in his 1961 movie “The Comancheros” said this: “Oaths are words that people live by, words they say and mean.” It is very clear that politicians repeated the oath knowing full well they had no intentions of keeping it. The fact of the matter is, none of them are anywhere near as patriotic as was “The Duke.”

Physical trainer and author Mike Bayer, in his book called “Best Self — Be You Only Better,” said, in paraphrase, winners (Donald Trump) want to do things that losers (Dems) won’t/don’t want to do. That has to be one of the truest statements in recent times.

As to the Mueller “witch hunt,” American astronomer Carl Sagan once said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” I submit there has always been more evidence on “Big Foot” than the collusion and obstruction claims against Pres. Trump.

Now those very Dems are trying to cover up their laundry bills for about what’s to happen in their own diggers. The dunderheads on the left are just cutting wind from the south side of a northbound party mascot.

Now, they believe they have earned a $4,500 pay raise for doing nothing. It is way past time to call these doltish politicians out and say “Your’re fired!”

As for those Dems (who are all on past record for border security) not supporting a security wall, they should be charged as “accessories after the fact” and “aiding and abetting” for the overdose drug deaths of many thousands of American citizens by being a huge part of the deadly drugs they have allowed to cross our southern borders. Those families need justice, not appeasement from those shameful, craven politicians.

“The best governments are those in which the needs and desires of the people take priority over those of the politicians.” — author unknown.

Russ Larsen