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To the editor:

As we approach our nation’s Independence Day, let us reflect upon the last 240-plus years of the very freedoms that our Founding Fathers envisioned for future posterity and prosperity.

It is so clear that the far left spurious Dems wish to destroy that which was so crafted by inspiration for us all. An American jurist, Judge Learned Hand (1872-1961), said, “A society in which men recognize no check upon their freedom soon becomes a society where freedom is the possession of only a few savage men.”

We cannot let the likes of Cortez, Booker, O’Roark and many others take the reins of this great country as it will surely collapse.

It’s bad enough that Pelosi, Shumer, Schiff and Watters (just to name a few) in the positions they hold are doing nothing good for America. They are working hard to destroy it all in the name of “hatred” for President Trump.

Admittedly so, there are some Repubs that are no better (aka “Mutt” Romney for one).

Something has recently come to light about one of the top-ranking Dem’s son. It seems the company he founded is being investigated for “international securities exchange fraud.” The Dems want very much to keep that quiet for fear many of those high rankers may be involved as well and be found out. Many details are out there if you know where to look. (I stumbled on it by accident).

Question: Why is it that when subpoenaed, Repubs are expected to show up and spill their guts when Dems defy those very requests? Can anyone actually give an honest answer without spinning it?

I think not. As to Mr. Rock’s LTE (3/30/19), when he talks about fiscal responsibility, Obama in eight years took us from a minus $9 trillion to the minus $21 trillion Pres. Trump inherited from him. Now, with the loony Dems, Cortez, Booker, Harris, etc., want to take that to a minus $93 trillion within the near future to give “freebies” to everyone. Talk about being irresponsible gas passers!

I guess Mr. Rock is the only one who has not yet benefitted from a booming economy under Pres. Trump. Poor pitty him.

It truly appears that our education system as a whole is more hell-bent on indoctrination instead of a balanced education. No wonder today’s millennials are so screwed up.

Happy birthday and God bless America.

Russ Larsen