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To the editor:

Now that Pres. Trump has been acquitted of all the crapola, the dancing bear sideshow (Schiff, Schummer, Nadler, Pelosi) will more than likely keep trying to insert a bubble of delusion falsehoods.

The complicit ringmasters, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, etc. will just have to tell the truth for once. Yah think?

Let’s look at a cost factor the last three years of wasted tax dollars. Assume 535 congresspeople make an average of $175K per year. That’s close to $94M. Now assume 160 actually earned their wage. That’s approx. $64M. Now figure in the $35+M spent on the “witch hunt” and the attempted impeachment. That’s approx. $90M per year for the last three years.

Those dollars could have gone to infrastructure, schools, healthcare and so on. Pres. Trump is the head coach of the best economy the U.S. has experienced in decades. My guess is those lefty chumps have benefited their own financial portfolios but won’t admit to it. Mr. Kerr in the Jan. 29, l.t.e., laid out Dr. Henry Kissinger’s 13 political ideas to which I would add #14 on. It would be any (in time) public official (mayor, gov., house rep., or senator) who wished to run for the presidency, should be required to vacate their office and the salary that goes with it.

As expected, Pelosi and pals did not stand or clap for many of the accomplishments Pres.Trump laid out in “The State of the Union” speech in spite of the obstructions of the left.

It surprises me that Nancy didn’t bite her lower botox lip off. The disgraceful way she tore up her copy shows was what a craven, smug, callow person she really is.

The late singer/songwriter Tom Petty had a great hit called “I Won’t Back Down” (1989). What a great way to describe Pres. Trump. I’m sure that another attempt of a hostile takeover is in the works. Oh by the way, it’s the left trying to cheat the 2020 elections, not Pres.Trump.

Russ Larsen


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