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To the editor:

Many profess to live by the Golden Rule which states “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Another version of this is to “Walk in another one’s shoes.” Do we really believe this? Or do we just choose when and with whom we want to follow the rule? If you lived in a country where your family’s safety was at risk and there was no future for your children, would you not flee and head for another country’s border in hopes of finding some hospitality?If people in power were trying to take your vote away because they did not think you were worthy of it, would you not want others to stand up for that right?If books were not telling the complete story about your culture’s history and contributions to this country, would you not want that to be told and valued?If you lived in a famine struck area, would you not want food, water, shelter and medicine shared with you?If you had a medical condition that put you at great risk, would you not appreciate it if others just wore a mask so that you could leave your home and do the normal things that they get to do?If your family has been discriminated against for generations because of the color of their skin (can’t buy in this neighborhood, can’t go to this school, etc.) wouldn’t you be sick of it?If you lived in a Third World country where you walked or took public transport, would you not feel anger towards Americans who own and drive multiple vehicles and who do not care about the major contribution their lifestyle makes to the greenhouse gases now destroying life in your community?If you were a whale whose ancestors lived in the ocean long before humans did, would you not wish they would stop destroying your food supply and home?If you were a tree that does so many things for others without pay (e.g., provides fruit, shade, clean air, a windbreak, fuel) would you not want to be treated with care and gratitude and have your seeds planted for future generations?If you were a pet and your family decided they did not want to take care of you any more, would you not be traumatized by being dumped?The reality is that all of life is far more interconnected than we want to admit and what I do here in Logan, Utah, ultimately has repercussions all around the world. Caring for all living things is caring for me and my family as well. That is the Golden Rule. Teach it to your children and live it.

Elizabeth Dennison


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