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To the editor:

Did you know Utah lawmakers are planning to hit you with a service tax. They purport sales taxes aren’t keeping up with the population growth, even though thousands of rental units recently built produce massive ongoing taxes from densely populated developments, and ignore property taxes and water rates that recently shot up 75 and 100%. Many states don’t have sales taxes. They’re keeping up just fine.

Utah Senator Hillyard will head passage of this service tax. He won’t be holding town hall meetings to get citizen feedback. Your silence on this matter is tacit (a contractual) agreement. This will happen unless you call and tell him we’re tapped out – “no more taxes!” 1-801-708-5115

We have become indentured, paying taxes beyond the 50% paid by serfs in Europe. Americans now pay federal, state, property taxes, gas, food, alcohol, cigarette taxes, school, municipal, estate, capital gains taxes, business, business equipment, and inventory taxes, auto purchase, license, and emission taxes, mosquito abatement, marriage, dog, phone and now contrived marijuana taxes, plus ever-proliferating utilities – yet congressmen are proposing another tax?. How many of the above did you vote to approve?

Is it your duty to pay another tax to support governmental-mismanagement, theft, corruption, cooperation with human trafficking, and drug trafficking, ongoing wars, and even murder? Look at the voting records of U.S. congressmen at Freedomfirstsociety.org. They’re not working for you. They’re working for the proliferation of an even bigger mismanaged government. Give them more and they double their spending habit.

Excessive taxation means husbands can’t support families. Wives have to work, launching families into child care and higher tax brackets, neutralizing needed care for their children. Add to that, 2,500% inflation since 1913. A dollar that purchased potatoes in 1913, purchases only 3 cents worth today. That’s stolen purchasing power denied to your children and great grand children. In 45 years, property tax and utilities will exceed your original house payment, and could put you on the streets. You think you’re free, and will own your home? You’ve been deceived and robbed. You’re a long-term tenant and indentured servant.

Inflation results from a private bank, the Federal Reserve, printing endless supplies of money whenever congressmen blithely raise the debt ceiling. The U.S. Treasury, authorized to print our dollars, was mothballed. Now, our federal taxes only pay massive interest owed to this bank, to use their dollars, printed out of thin air. This farce was enacted by untrustworthy and colluding congressmen. The currently proposed state service tax demonstrates very little is different here. Call off Hillyard’s silently promoted Service Tax, 1-801-708-5115.

Barton Boothe