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To the editor:

Before being elected, politicians make grandiose promises — but does it really matter their promises or political party if they consistently vote to minimize our rights, and dictate how they will spend more of our dollars - to grow a bigger party, and bigger government? This is evidenced by proliferating taxes, that combined exceed 50% of our earnings. So who ya workin’ for, yourself or a government that’s so big, like an octopus, it overreaches, controls and consumes everything possible?

How do you know a politician is voting to eliminate rights if you don’t know what your constitutionally guaranteed rights are? The Constitution can’t protect itself from politicians who, emboldened with power and sources of unleashed money, become millionaires before they leave office? Paraphrased, Rothchild said, “I care not what party is in power, for he who controls the money supply controls the government, and I control the supply.”

We think we’re patriots when we vote, pay taxes, love our family, the Constitution, plus Declaration of Independence, and feel miffed when our politicians yank us around. What can be done to protect ourselves and the Constitution, from political parasites, when it appears the only control we have is five minutes at the voting booth?

Our forefathers died to guarantee our rights. What then is our duty? Today, unlike our forefathers, we don’t have to die to become patriots. We can become informed and empowered when we read Dr. Richard Proctor’s series of books, “Saving the Constitution,” and Dr. Scott Bradley’s “To Preserve the Nation.” Furthermore the freedomfirstsociety.org and jbs.org are constitutional watchdogs with online scorecards that expose our politicians’ voting record.

Will the politician who put his arm to the square, and made an oath to protect the Constitution, prioritize and honor it, if he hasn’t read and isn’t intimate with it? Using the on-line scorecards, you can easily determine if the politician you hired in Congress is actively insuring all men the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Regularly examine Congressmen’s votes, and remind them with your pen about their oath to protect the Constitution. Cite the articles and sections he/she has betrayed. The more constituents become informed, the more they will become strengthened and united against oath breaking politicians.

We’re being conditioned to believe that government should take care of us, by leaders offering to buy our votes with bigger handouts. What about the rest of the equation - “happiness” preceded by life, by liberty, and by our personal declaration independence? Our votes authorize a small number of men to make political decisions – with immeasurable consequences. When they fail to protect the Constitution, who then are they honoring and forfeiting control to?

Barton Boothe


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