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To the editor:

What has happened to the wholesome family movies? I tell you what, God has taken a step back as he said he would so Lucifer, better known a Satan, can really show his true self. Don’t underestimate Satan’s intelligence or his power. So if you want to be saved, then keep Jesus in the center of your life, and if you get an evil thought in your mind, start singing praises to God. If you can’t think of a song, sing “Jesus Loves Me This I Know” or “Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam.”

Satan will not stay anywhere where God or Christ are being talked or sung about. I know because I used to have evil thoughts all the time. I’ve learned how to keep Satan away. The most important thing is believe Christ can do what you want him to do and have true faith that Christ will really do it. But you have to really believe. There can’t be any doubt, and it will happen.

Believing is not easy. Satan will try to put doubt in your mind. Until you give yourself over to God, Satan is going to work harder to keep you away from God, and at first he will cause all kinds of problems, and if that doesn’t work, then he’ll start giving you lots of things that will make you happy and successful — new cars, home, money, just to get you away from God. If you would like to make Satan mad, start paying tithe or 10% of your earnings. It doesn’t have to be to a church. Find an orphanage or help someone who is really down and out, or give to a place like “Amazing Facts.” It’s a religious radio and TV program, but first listen to it. No matter whose program it is, make sure it’s a place you believe will use your money wisely.

Eric Larsen


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