To the editor:

Keegan can fix this!

I attended the Woodruff Neighborhood Council meeting last week. As a voter I am always looking for ways to differentiate candidates and the ideas presented were what I expected to hear. The concern I had was whether these projects are what the majority of Logan citizens really want to see happen. When I ask neighbors who live near me and who are from disadvantaged groups (including race, low income and education) why they don’t vote, I typically hear that they feel they aren’t heard so why waste time. While that may be a poor excuse to not be involved, the lack of cultural, and in my case, geographic representation on the City Council causes me to feel a little bit the same. The purpose of elections and voting is to gain a representative voice from all citizens. The current at-large voting system has consistently failed large areas of Logan by electing council members from a limited geographic area. While I believe Council members try to find ways to understand all people, the “lived experience” can’t be replicated. I believe that Keegan Garrity, who lives in the Woodruff neighborhood, interacts regularly with and works in his neighborhood alongside a greater concentration of diverse Logan citizens has the desire and ability to improve a broken election process. He was the only candidate that took a definitive stance on fixing the ineffective system. That is why I will cast my vote for Garrity for City Council.

Curt Phillips


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