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To the editor:

A good friend made a comment about a recent experience. He watched as one man in one combine in one day harvested more grain by himself than was ever conceivably harvested by hand in one year for most of this planet’s existence. Innovation, trial and error, perseverance, blood, sweat and tears and risking financial security were but a few of the steps in the development of the ability to feed the world. So, what is the dichotomy through which so many see events through a glass darkly? That miraculous machine was powered by evil fossil fuels. Katie bar the door! I see a polar bear pitifully floating on a single ice cube.

Permit me a snide question. Is there a way to calculate the amount of human methane that would be produced to harvest all that grain by hand and balance that with the diesel used to harvest the same amount of grain? Sorry. I can’t help myself from a second question. How much methane would be produced from all of the cows, sheep, goats that fed those tireless laborers? That doesn’t even mention all of the food, toilet paper and the thousands of years of disposable diapers leading to our doom. (If that last statement is taken completely seriously, then you are oblivious to sarcasm and you are seriously wound way too tight.)

I don’t know a single person that is not rooted in being a good steward of our planet. There is however way too much stupid out there. Ignorance is a lack of knowledge. Stupid is having or showing lack a of intelligence or common sense. The movement to completely eliminate fossil fuels is rooted in profound stupidity and ignorance. The glaring examples are too numerous to quantify in 450 words once a month.

My suggestion is that we be good stewards and not stupid. Scripturally, the Lord tells us that the earth is full and plenty for all. Personally, when I kneel to account for my life, I want to be able to report that I was not wasteful and that I used the portion I was blessed with to share with others.

So how do we show gratitude for what we have? May I make an observation that may not be widely understood. The knowledge we learned in our space program benefits each of us daily. The advancements made in batteries and better utilizing those dastardly fossil fuels have opened up paths to alternative sources of energy. Photovoltaics, hydrogen, wind, ocean power and the cleanest source hydro are still currently our brightest hopes. All we have to do is be good stewards and demonstrate that stupid is just that. Stupid.

David B. Kerr


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