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To the editor:

In order to stay in business and accomplish the purposes for their existence, newspapers must regularly dispense news of local and/or national importance to their readers, of course. But along with that, most also cover a variety of other topics of interest such as health and medical information, community activities, feature stories about noteworthy citizens, etc. And in an area where a large percentage of the population claims a religious affiliation of some kind, as is the case in Cache Valley, it makes sense that the local newspaper would also devote some of its space to the subject of religion so that those interested can read about some recent or upcoming events in area churches and also enjoy a thought-provoking message every week from one of its religion columnists.

One of those columnists was recently criticized by someone who accused her of making claims that have no evidence to back them up (although examples had certainly been given previously), and then made some claims of her own that I feel have no evidence to back them up! But probably part of the problem is just in one’s interpretation of the word “evidence.”

I can think of many things I have no evidence for — which are unprovable to anyone else, but that are nevertheless known to me — from what cereal I had for breakfast when no one was around to how I felt while going through a particular experience or my reasons for doing the things I do. Those things aren’t invalidated just because others have no personal knowledge or scientific proof of them.

So it is with many of our experiences in life, and especially those of a spiritual or religious nature because of the importance faith must play in the lives of those who believe in God. Personally, I think there are an incredible number of evidences of Him around us every day, as well as throughout history. (I recently heard Mark Eubank, former KSL-TV weatherman, for example, give a fascinating account of 10 weather miracles that helped us win the Revolutionary War. And I believe they were truly miracles, not just “luck” or “coincidence.”)

Answered prayers. Life-changing “near-death experiences.” Miraculous healings. Feelings of peace, comfort, and clarity replacing fear, confusion, sadness, or doubt. Impressions that warn of danger or of someone who needs help. Finding answers to hard questions, the strength to make it through a trial, the ability to forgive a hurt. Feeling an unseen arm around a shoulder or hearing a voice when no one is around. Having “good luck” when something very bad could have happened. A sudden, overwhelming sensation of joy. An intricately-connected world filled with amazing wonders and workings. Evidences. Everywhere.

Dena Rock