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To the editor:

I support Keegan Garrity for the Logan City Council. It is time for a new perspective. Too many important and far reaching decisions are made without sufficient research or input from the public.

As a past mayor of Logan, I follow our city policies and politics closely. The mayor and city councilmen should not be bedfellows. Mayor Daines’s endorsement of the two incumbent candidates for City Council threatens the separation of power between the executive and legislative branches. That’s why mayors have traditionally avoided endorsing city councilman in non partisan races. We don’t want a city council where everyone thinks alike. We don’t need another city council member that just supports the mayor’s agenda.

I know Keegan to be a man of integrity, a man who works well with others, a man who does his homework, and a man who carefully considers how city policies affect our city and its constituents before coming to a decision. Keegan Garrity would be an independent thinker that represents you on the City Council.

Please vote for Keegan Garrity when you receive your ballot in the mail.

Darla D. Clark

Former Mayor of Logan

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