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To the editor:

Monday, July 29th, started as any other day. Curt headed to Reno, Nevada, on the semi right before I was out moving water and checking cows. Everything was as any other day here on the farm. I came in from outside 15 minutes prior to the smoke — no smoke, no smell. A red SUV came roaring into my yard with the horn blowing non-stop. I looked over at my barn. There was smoke pouring out of it everywhere. I called 911, and my heart sank. All of our hard work all summer was gone in an instant.

I called my husband in Reno, and he told me to get the hay equipment out of the barn. I told him it wasn’t a campfire; the barn was engulfed in flames. You could hear his heartbreak. He wasn’t here to help me at all! (Small blessing.)

Fire trucks from all over the valley started showing up. Neighbors, friends put themselves in harm’s way as this fire blazed out of control, explosions going off from inside the barn, metal melting like it was butter, so intense. These firefighters worked so hard to keep our other barn of hay from going up in smoke also, only a canal to pump from, as other trucks ran to Mendon for water to keep this fire under control. As fire ripped through our barn, friends, family pulled other equipment by the barn to safety, risking their lives for our farm, as flames roared. Great friends brought in food and water for these firefighters. Many hours of intense fire surrounded us until midnight.

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful valley and community to live in. These firefighters did not leave until midnight, and they have stopped by to check on us numbers time to make sure no sparks have ignited.

To all that have helped support us and offered prayers, we are so grateful to all of you. God bless.

Curt and Cheryl Pinder

Young Ward