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To the editor:

While I am disappointed that the Herald Journal gave print space to John Broich’s March 2 piece attempting to label a third of Americans as fascists, I am pleased it was labeled as an Opinion piece. Trying to pass of what he claimed as facts would have been damaging indeed to your newspaper’s credibility. True, opinions are held only by those who claim them, but Broich has based his opinion on blatantly false interpretations of history.

The most glaring mistake Broich makes is when he describes fascism as being inherently anti-socialist. This is provably false, and from information that Broich himself provides. Socialism is the management of an economy by the state. Fascism, as he reveals in the paragraph where he describes Hitler and Mussolini’s regimes as bringing corporations to heel, is itself a form of socialism. Small wonder he never mentions that the full name of Hitler’s party translates in English to “the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.” Claims that Nazi Germany was socialist in name only are provably false since the corporations that cooperated with the Nazis were in fact owned by the state, though management was largely given free reign in terms of logistics.

If there’s any further doubt of the socialistic nature of fascism, it can be resolved by the words of Hitler himself, who stated in 1933: “The state should retain supervision and each property owner should consider himself appointed by the state.” Broich himself says as much, and at the same time he denies that this is socialism, despite this practice fitting the definition perfectly!

After the storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, Google and Apple removed the app for Parler, a pro-free speech app, from their app stores, and soon after, Amazon Web Services—which has taken $600 million from the CIA—revoked Parler’s web hosting, citing supposed incitement of violence and failure to establish guidelines against “violent content”, though they could not point to examples of such content and would not specify what guidelines they required. It was later proven that the planning of the storming of the Capitol was not done on Parler, but on Facebook.

If Broich wants to see a modern-day example of fascism, he need only look to America’s ongoing corporate censorship, much of which is being encouraged and funded by China, a country whose government is currently engaged in an unambiguous act of genocide against a racial minority, and who censors its citizens arbitrarily. Fascism has indeed come to America, but it hasn’t come, as so many predicted, “wrapped in the American flag and hidden behind the cross.” It has come branded with a focus group-tested slogan, funded by a hostile foreign regime.

Phil Henderson


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