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To the editor:

It’s going to be a COVID Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, one way or the other. If we travel, we risk bringing the virus to someone we care about and bringing it back home from our travels. If we stay home, well, the holidays just won’t be the same occasions that we fondly remember. So, COVID holidays either way — except that in one case everyone stays healthy, whereas in the other there’s a substantially heightened risk of illness or death.

Can this newspaper and other media outlets offer suggestions for a satisfying, even enjoyable, stay-home holiday? I have some ideas, as I’m sure we all do. Send recipes for favorite dishes for others at the remote locations to prepare and eat. See if someone else in the family can actually make that special yam dish that you make. See if you can identify what they’ve made! Have everyone grade the results. Trade stories about holidays past — see if others can guess who they were about or what the outcomes were. Record a song. And of course, share all this via Zoom or FaceTime or just a nice long phone call.

As I said, I’m sure you have some creative ideas, too. One way or the other, COVID is going to make these holidays different from the past — different, but they need not be any less enjoyable. And it’s just for this year. After this Thanksgiving, we could have even more to be thankful for if we don’t travel and gather. After Christmas, we could have even more joy.

Happy holidays!

Al Forsyth

River Heights

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