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To the editor:

Pondering the letter to the editor: “Embarrassed to call myself a Riverhawk” it seems in today’s society of cancel culture and shame, the only acceptable intolerance these days is the intolerance of intolerance. If someone has a different opinion, no matter how “wrong or misguided” you may deem that opinion, they have a right to that opinion.

If a teenager does something non-politically correct and others cheer it on, it is no cause to make a blanket criticism of “Riverhawks” which means every member of the student body, the school administration, all students: past present and future, all former students and the families of everyone ever associated with the school. I don’t know anything about this high school but, my guess is, it is made of all kinds of individuals from knuckleheads to scholars to loving caring kids, and everything in between, all growing into and figuring out adulthood. The fallacy of saying: “a very good school being turned into a bad school in a matter of one action” is that no single action is going to make it a great school or a bad school, and particularly no single action by one individual or group of individuals.

I would like to see the end of the current climate of shame, cancel culture and thought coercion and particularly blaming a group or society for an individual’s, or group of individuals’ actions. Let each of us retain our agency and live and let live, love and educate and allow others their agency to learn and grow. Learn to disagree agreeably.

Bill Isham

Preston, Idaho

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