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To the editor:

“Two years ago Todd Goodsell opened Franklin County Funeral Home, because he wanted to offer an affordable option for the community. Todd has stood by, waiting and hoping that the owners of the other funeral home in Franklin County would do the honorable and ethical thing and step down from their coroner positions. Instead they have continued to manipulate the system, earn wages from the Coroners Office and control every death within the county that is overseen by the Coroner’s Office. To support my statement here is the Idaho statute to reference.

Under Idaho Statute TITLE 31




31-2808. MAKING FINAL DISPOSITION OF DEAD HUMAN BODIES PROHIBITED. No coroner or person acting as coroner who is a licensed funeral director or a licensed mortician, owner, proprietor or employee of any establishment engaged in making final disposition of dead human bodies, and no establishment with which such coroner or person acting as coroner is associated, shall, except for ambulance services, perform any of the services of a funeral director or mortician or furnish any materials connected with or incidental to the final disposition of the body of any person whose death is required by law to be investigated by such coroner or other person acting in that capacity. Any person who violates this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. Provided, however, that the provisions of this section shall not be applicable in counties wherein there is only one (1) licensed funeral establishment.

Wendy Farr


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