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To the editor:

Can we talk about human trafficking? It happens in every city in the United States. It happens in Logan. Why is this happening? Didn't we get rid of slavery with Abraham Lincoln? No. It just went into hiding. This gross multi-million dollar industry needs to be talked about. People need to be educated.

Can we teach the warning signs in schools? Can we educate hotels on how to recognize it?

It's a huge problem. It's not the victims or survivors or their parents’ problem. It is everyone's problem. How many times have we heard about stories and then said "This isn't my neighbor." It is your neighbor. It's your lawyer, it's your average dad, it's your friend's significant other.

We owe knowing the signs to our daughter, to our best friend, to our neighbor. You owe it to yourself to become educated. Young girls do not choose prostitution.

To those who say they choose it: There is no choice. They get no money. They are threatened and beaten. Where is the choice in that?

Let me tell any trafficker out there: We are not afraid of you and we're coming for you.

To the victim and survivor: We are coming for you. There is help. Hold on.

Katie Summit

North Logan