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To the editor:

As an old, fat, white guy, I’ve watched as the Republican Party has moved toward authoritarianism for a couple of decades with a headlong rush towards it the last four years. I can no longer consider myself a Republican because I love this country. Trump and his lickspittles shout out their hatred for Americans and the Constitution as they regurgitate talking points coming from RTV or Sputnik. Why has the Republican Party become the party of Russian propaganda? With Trump, everything goes back to Putin. Trump and his lickspittles believe the only way they can win elections is by voter suppression, gerrymandering, and now voter intimidation by Trump’s fascist terrorists.

Trump has lied to everyone, to his followers, Trumpites, his lickspittles, and the terrorists he radicalized. Trump and most Republicans have wallowed in disinformation for 30 years by those on Fox News, Newsmax, One America News, Limbaugh, Hannity, Drunk Janine, Alex Jones, and the myriad other con artists from the so-called right-wing media. Fear, anger, and hatred are what they peddle and Satan loves them for bringing so many people into his control. Republican Trumpites have become like the Nephites in the Book of Helaman, previously righteous, now turned to evil. Republican Trumpites have truly become malignant, with their anti-American, anti-Constitution, authoritarian, white supremacist, fascist stances that Trump has brought to the forefront. Can the Republican Party survive Trump? Probably not. It seems the Know-Nothings have finally taken over.

Trump simply doesn’t care if his followers get COVID19 and die. It’s because he finds you “disgusting.” That’s Trump’s word, not mine. Trump doesn’t care if you have a job. He doesn’t care if you get evicted. Trump’s lickspittles will be safe with plenty of food and aren’t in danger of being evicted, but then again, they are millionaires. To Trump, the only important people are millionaires and billionaires. Everyone else is disgusting to Trump. The Corruption President, unfortunately, is really good at robbing the “disgusting” masses, the weak, the elderly, and the unprepared, having had decades of practice. He and his henchmen are squeezing buckets of money from the very people he finds disgusting, but no one will know where that money has gone until this lying, corrupt, inept, seditious president is brought to justice.

Now, Trump’s lickspittles want to investigate allegations of voting irregularities; they only have to look in the mirror and at the White House. Regardless of what his lickspittles say or do, the Grifter in Chief lost the election and true American patriots know this, and on January 20 our country will start moving away from fascism if we can rid Congress of his lickspittles.

Roger Yost


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