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To the editor:

It’s time to express gratitude for living in the greatest country to ever grace this planet. A perfect place to start is acknowledging the divine influence on our Founding Fathers. Under enormous influences, good and bad, they literally sweated and hammered out our beloved Constitution. Even though human beings would carry out the inspired system of checks and balances, the system will work if devious humans are held at bay.

I’m grateful that this great republic has 50 states with every single one acknowledging God. In short summary, this great experiment called the United States of America was founded by God fearing people. I’m grateful that it mostly remains that way today. I am grateful that atheists have been largely ineffective in convincing Americans that there is no God.

I am incredibly grateful to see Old Glory flying freely and proudly all across this nation. I am exceptionally grateful for our military and police that protect our rights and our lives. That gratitude goes double for all of those who have given their lives and their fortunes so that I can live free, work to support my family and worship as I choose.

My gratitude continues for firefighters, EMT’s, doctors, God’s special angel nurses, researchers and scientists and all of those working tirelessly to survive this pandemic. Thanks for all those that worked through the pandemic to keep us fed, clothed and safe. A special thanks to our truckers.

I am very grateful for President Trump’s early travel ban, for taking down burdensome regulations to accelerate a vaccine, to provide ventilators and hospital beds as quickly as possible and set up distribution avenues as soon as important medicines were to be available.

I am so grateful that President Trump pushed through all of the baseless, fabricated personal attacks on him and his family to work for all Americans. I am grateful that his leadership has resulted in in lowest black and lowest Hispanic unemployment numbers in history. I am grateful that he stood up to foreign leaders taking advantage of American taxpayers.

I am grateful that he is a friend to our greatest ally in the Middle East by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the American embassy there.

I am grateful that he has chipped away at regulations hampering science and business and strongly supporting energy production.

I am grateful that 71 million Americans voted honestly to show their support. I am exceptionally grateful that when it is obvious that the election was stolen by illegally cast votes and fraudulent counting in many areas, patriotic Americans did not throw a temper tantrum and attempt to burn our country to the ground.

David B. Kerr


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