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To the editor:

I would like to acknowledge the generosity of Mountain Star, who services Cache Valley Hospital, for granting the wish of Maxine Fisher of riding in a helicopter for her 100th birthday. May 13th was a clear, beautiful day as the crew gently assisted Maxine into the helicopter. Several professionals from the hospital came out to wish her well. Chad Carlston, who arranged the trip with Mountain Star, brought donuts and T-shirts for friends and family who were also there to see her off. After a breathtaking ride around the valley, the helicopter landed, and Mountain Star presented her with a gift bag. Chad, Cache Valley Hospital, and the crew went overboard to make sure it was a fun and memorable experience for Maxine. It exceeded her expectations! Thank you to all those wonderful Cache Valley people who made it possible. Next time you see that yellow helicopter in the sky, you know that it represents some really good people.

Bette Geertsen