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To the editor:

When the predictions of progressive politicians, pollsters and the press are completely wrong, their failure can be spectacular. Such was the case in the 2016 U.S. election. It just happened again, this time in Australia. It was spectacular - but where’s the U.S. press coverage?

On May 18, 2019, Australia held its federal election. For three years political pundits had predicted that Australia’s progressive Labor Party would win - in a landslide. But the progressives lost. The conservative party won. The Australian press was stunned. One bold headline asked, “What the bloody hell happened?” The defeated Labor Party leader lamely explained the obvious, “We didn’t get enough votes.” It was eerily reminiscent of 2016, when predominantly progressive U.S. pollsters predicted that Hilary Clinton would win the U.S. presidential election — in a landslide. And yet Donald Trump won.

Australian political analysts had predicted that this election would be Australia’s “Climate Change Election.” It was. But climate change propaganda was rejected. The left’s doomsday global warming predictions were ignored. Australians elected conservatives who promised to resist plans to drastically reduce carbon emissions. They specifically chose conservatives who would resist plans to destroy the coal industry. Conservative Queensland voters “unexpectedly swept the state,” highlighting the national clash between so-called “quiet Australians” and politically progressive elites. The morning after the election, blindsided political analysts were soberly suggesting that “Australian politicians might learn to avoid making climate change their primary campaign issue.” Most likely they will not.

Australia’s progressives will have no idea why they lost the election, and there will be no point trying to explain it. For example: The progressive Australian press consistently portrayed conservative party leader Scott Morrison as “a rugby crazed beer drinker — the first prime minister to campaign in a baseball hat.” Even progressives should be smart enough to realize that overtly criticizing crazy beer drinking rugby fans in Australia might not be a winning strategy. And since the conservative party’s slogan was “Make Australia Great,” the baseball hat criticism was possibly unwise also. I’m thinking that we should send Prime Minister Morrison a red MAGA baseball cap to celebrate his unexpected but welcome victory.

Tony Wegener