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To the editor:

Listening to KVNU’s Jason Williams “For The People” radio show, Williams was presenting an idea floated by a Logan City Council member whereby local community officials might offer tax incentives, etc. to local employers who would hire the offspring of local residents, once they’re prepared for employment, in order that their families might be able to live and work in familiar surroundings. This, in place of a free-market system whereby the most competent and valuable persons could be in the local workforce and supported by local taxpayers who’d have to shoulder the burden of tax relief offered to such employers.

Has anyone noticed the travesty of Affirmative Action and how less-than-able people had been employed, unable to be fired, and how the courts are over burdened with lawsuits related there-to? Now we’ll have a geographic DNA test in hiring! Can you imagine the lawsuit that will spring from such action? Especially if the earlier generation has moved away or died. How many exhumations will be needed to prove blood relations require a person be hired locally vs. a more competent outsider?

When I came here in 1965, you had to indicate religion on job applications. If you didn’t write LDS, your chances of hire were slim. So we’re wanting to bring that back in spades?

Has anyone ever been to an Economics 101 class that did not prove a free market was the best market? This nanny government has too much control already of family occupation “correctness.”

Please don’t get in the way of efficient hiring practices too! How totally sophomoric!

Geoffrey vonGermten


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