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To the editor:

A quick history quiz. Which world leader did these things?

• Blocked from entering his country anyone who did not look like, speak like, or believe like he did.

• Took away citizenship protections from individuals he did not consider “true” residents of his nation.

• Forcefully separated minority families before locking them in camps and even cages.

• Denied these caged persons food, clothing, bedding, privacy, toilets, sufficient space, and basic personal necessities for months until they got sick and emaciated. Unfortunately, some even died.

• Declared himself to be supreme leader or “The Chosen One.”

• Demonized an entire group of people because they did not share the nation’s majority religion.

• Fomented, condoned, and gradually ratcheted up violence against minorities and his political enemies until violence became his modus operandi.

• Lusted to put his name on everything and take over other sovereign nations.

• Registered and tattooed his detainees with a number (no, did not forcefully extract DNA!) in order to keep track of them like cattle.

• Worried that those “lesser people” he did not care for might be freeloading, so, though he would not allow them to stay at their current jobs, he changed the law to be sure they did not have public assistance, or shelter, a friendly hand, or asylum of any kind. This is about the same time he put up his hilariously ironic “El Trabajo Te Libera” signs at the entryways to his camps.

• Used his own propagandistic media to villainize and dehumanize anyone not of his race or of his viewpoint—accusing even long-time immigrants of being criminals, dirty, ridden with illness, etc. — until finally a whole nation, even many formerly good-minded people, began to think the way he did.

Well, did you guess?

No, you’re wrong! It was Hitler! (Can you believe it?!)

I am so thankful to live in a wonderful time and place where I know these awful things will never, ever happen again! God Bless America!

Eric W Jensen