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To the editor:

This newspaper deemed this story not newsworthy, from what I have seen is “newsworthy” in recent weeks it saddens me that this story of good can not be heard. We have two local Cache Valley Girls MOVING to Kenya, Africa, to open a daycare outside of a slum. They have worked really hard to raise money so they can provide shelter to kids who are often abused when parents are out looking for work, they are providing two meals a day to kids who may go days without eating, they are providing clothing and essentials for kids who need them, providing games, laughter and hope where it’s hard to come by. They are partnering with local schools to help get the children the education they deserve and providing community outreach programs. This seems a lot more newsworthy to me then flying plastic bags mistaken for UFO’s or some other trash I’ve seen on the front cover. If you would like to find out more, or donate to this great cause, please visit www.kumbatiacbo.org. This isn’t a humanitarian “trip.” They will be there until ultimately they can get the locals to run it, providing jobs and safety to Mshomoroni. Kylie McMorris and Arissa Barton, we are very proud of you and the great work you are doing. We truly appreciate those who have donated and helped these girls and we will continue our Pour Overs with Purpose at Eastside Coffee. We need more stories of good, they should be told, not filtered out as if no one cares that anything good is happening in the world.

Diane McMorris


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