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To the editor:

A dark day. A day that will forever be a stain upon our history. The “people’s” house over run by repugnant American terrorists. But please don’t tell me of surprise, sorrow, dismay and disgust. Save it.

Does our nation’s shame lay solely at the tiny fingers and big mouth of a deranged, unfit grifter. I would say no.

Ringleaders Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, a list of fellow seditionist elected officials, spawn of the grift and a laundry list of vile right wing media, hate and fear mongering, flat out Pinocchio-faced two-bit rating prostitutes. They all gave more than enough oxygen to feed that fire.

Mike Lee, your name is on that list too.

How is your “Captain Moroni” doing now?

They ALL coddled it, praised it, looked the other way from it, excused it, fueled it, voted for it, pardoned it and then voted for it again and lied for it.

Then got just what they should have expected and exactly what they deserved. Unfortunately the rest of country had to suffer it too, while the world watched and an American died approximately every 30 seconds from the coronavirus.

I don’t want to hear GOP sorrow, surprise, dismay, disdain and disgust. You do not get to be sycophants to an arsonist for four plus years and then suddenly when everything is ablaze claim to be firefighters.

Save it! Too late! Disgrace is over!

The only thing left for some of them to answer now is; How do you plead?

Tod Goodwin


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