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To the editor:

Being fairly new to Hyde Park and hearing there was going to be a City Council election coming up, we decided to go to a City Council meeting to see who we might want to support. The youth council was there and it felt like a great hometown meeting was about to occur. But as the meeting progressed, it looked like a conflict was developing between two of the city council members and the mayor. We weren’t sure where all this was coming from, so we asked around. Apparently there is a philosophical difference of opinion between them. At issue is whether department heads should be at will employees, which the mayor was trying to promote, so that if a grievous action occurred a person could be fired. This was prompted by a gun incident that had occurred and current rules would not allow a termination without a hearing and a long trail of paperwork, which had never been kept. Since they were at odds with the mayor on this, it appeared that the solution the two council members chose, who support the individual who brandished the gun, was to try to neutralize the mayor by taking power away from her and hiring a city manager! This did not sit well with us. Do we want an unelected official to head a city that is already being well run by an elected Mayor? We lived in an area with a city manager and it was a disaster. But the community couldn’t just vote him out when things got bad like you could an elected official.

The condescending and hostile treatment the Hyde Park mayor received last Wednesday was unsettling. It’s one thing to have a disagreement. It’s another to try to destroy your opponent through a ploy like this. Don’t we have enough of this on a national level? Wednesday, May 29, at 7:00 is the day Hyde Park citizens can nominate people to serve on our City Council. This is a nominating process and it is important that good, fair-minded people be nominated by a well-attended, supportive community. Please be there. The final election will be held in November but this meeting determines who will be running.

Kirk and Leah Jane Brower

Hyde Park

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