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To the editor:

A pet dog will eat all you feed it, to the extent it begins to have health issues. It doesn’t know, but you do. The Federal Govt. is the same — feed the beast and it grows fat. It becomes burdened with programs, departments and employees that, when overfed, seek self-preservation and fight all efforts to correct the excessive diet. As such, the entire swamp becomes a sewer, ever growing, seeking more power to consume and more land in which to expand.

It extends its overreach by raising the debt ceiling and colluding to finance itself by borrowing from a private banking corporation that pays no taxes, falsely called the “Federal” Reserve. It prints money from thin air, then charges U.S. citizens never-ending interest to use this money — which should be printed by the U.S. Treasury, which Congress mothballed in favor of the Federal Reserve which now acts as a middle man, which controls and profits from the abuse of our economy. It’s a foreign corporation with its own foreign private sub-corporation, a collection agency called the IRS that collects our federal tax dollars and delivers them to that master-foreign-bank.

All of your tax dollars are delivered to the Fed, and from their pockets they divy out an un-auditable amount to Congress. Congressmen enter office burdened with massive election debt but leave office as millionaires with lifetime pensions and Congressional health care plans, all part of the Fed’s master plan to maintain financial control.

Meanwhile citizens are left with a mounting national debt that never levels out nor goes down, because your tax dollars only pay interest on the national debt that is never paid off but grows by trillions of dollars annually. As a result we are not free but have become indentured servants to a Congressionally authorized debt-based foreign banking system that profits from your financial servitude.

Add to your federal tax a state tax, a sales tax, recently doubled property tax, a new upcoming service tax, gas tax, food, alcohol, cigarette taxes, school, municipal, capital gains taxes, business, business equipment and inventory taxes, auto purchase, license, emissions taxes, mosquito abatement, marriage license, dog-cat taxes, multiple phone taxes, marijuana taxes, and even an estate tax when you’re dead. Plus federally financed higher education loans, interest payments on house and car, doubled water rates, and 2,500% inflation, which has reduced the dollar’s purchasing power to 3 cents since 1913. So how can you keep up with the Fed’s engineered inflation and Congressmen’s collusion with this growing debt?

Economist Richard Proctor will speak on Saving the Constitution, 7 p.m. Thursday June 27, in the team room at the Smithfield Rec Center. Be there, get facts.

Barton Boothe