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To the editor:

After reading the whistleblower's report, listening to numerous comments and understanding and concluding what its legal consequences can only be concerning Humpty-Trumpty (hereinafter known as “H-T”, aka “Homicidal Tyrant”) and his corrupt and criminal government thugs. Since they took office, I have followed with horror H-T’s behavior and his cowardly partners-in-criminal offenses (some since fired, indicted, found guilty, incarcerated, or thankfully removed from office) and the pathetic deviants left behind to “continue governing” (particularly H-T, a deranged know-nothing and his gang of “yes-men and women”). These contemptible freaks are now trying to further their criminality by denying, changing, ignoring, rejecting, or by any crooked means, attempting to falsify the whistleblower’s report’s substantiated content and its definitive existence. Let’s also include the sordid and criminal behavior by H-T’s personal stooge, Rudy-the-Pimp-Giuliani and corrupt U.S. Non-Attorney General, Willie-the-Lying-Loathsome Barr (hopefully a potential disbarment candidate and soon-to-be-impeached government employee).

So, yes, yes, yes, I support the House's impeachment process. There can be no doubt that H-T’s so-called "nonexistent presidency," creeps like Moscow Mitch McConnell, Lies-Through-His-Teeth Graham, as well as all other H-T’s vicious and cowardly cohorts have never come close to achieving emotional, intelligent, honesty, or mental growth since birth) and, lest we forget, that includes Rudy-the-pimp-Giuliani, and Willie-the-Lying-Loathsome Barr. We have a government administration that is so blatantly criminal and corrupt that it's hard to believe this is the United States of America. Let’s help our country get rid of these pitiful morons, liars and unpatriotic Americans as well as the rest of H-T's cabinet and equally criminal administrative no-good degenerates. We must restore our country to its rightful, honorable and lawful place in the world instead of wallowing along with the pond scum currently in office by cowering to or ignoring their criminal behavior. The absolutely atrocious and unspeakable stench emanating from their presence in our government reeks of uncollected chicken-poop covering these weaklings, who are unstable, mentally deficient, delusional, and complete horses’ behinds swarming with defective genes.

Respect and apply the rule of law and use our Constitution to rid our country of this fetid, rotting pestilence. They are useless and totally insignificant pieces of human waste. I'm 84, a woman, a veteran of the U.S. Navy WAVES, a widow of an Army Korean veteran, a mother, and a devout and patriotic supporter and citizen of our long-time and consistently great country. I couldn’t find enough words in the dictionary to describe these perverted goons. Impeach, remove, fire and conquer these sub-humans and give them the invisibility they have earned and, without question, richly deserve.

Carol Zic


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