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To the editor:

It’s time to bring forth the left’s true agenda. They aren’t really after Trump, they are after true patriotic American citizens. Pres. Trump just happened to get in their way the last four years. The news clips of Trump clearly show he said nothing about riot, doing damage, nor to hurt anyone.

The news clearly shows a young black man from Salt Lake City (who is tied to a left radical group) in his own selfie spewing hatred of everything he could. He now sits in jail. On the other hand remember “sweet” Maxine and former A.G. Eric Holder and their hateful trash talk. Remember Antifa, BLM, and cancel culture groups burning Portland, Chicago, Seattle,and others? They destroyed federal, state and city buildings? How about looting, robbing, burning private businesses and yes, killing any one in the way?

Where was “Bozo” Biden’s message of unity? Where were “pompas” Pelosi, Chucky boy Schumer, and “stooges” like Schiff, Nadler and “Mutt” Romney and others? I submit the only reason for the bogus second bite of the impeachment apple is Pres. Trump was successful in bettering America and her citizens. He was also getting closer to exposing a lot of corruption we taxpayers have lined dirty pockets for for years even decades.

What those left “loonies” don’t realize is two years from now will be payback time. That’s provided we will still be a free and sovereign country. I once again remind you that Pres. Trump tried to close the borders in Sept. of 2019 but Pelosi and “goons” were busy spending your money on the first hoax that went nowhere. They are responsible for the COVID-19 expenses, the sickness, and death they blame Trump for. They own it all.

Remember, Pres. Trump donated his entire salary to worthwhile American charities. I bet “Bozo” won’t. The “Jackass” party will own the dismantling of our Constitution and allowing other diseases to enter here. Mexico is having an outbreak of polio right now. Do you want that here again? The “old nags and broken down mules” need to be put out to pasture ASAP. Many of them are close to expiration date anyway. Just because Pelosi signed another bogus impeachment, doesn’t make it so. It’s all symbolic with no substance at best.

Russ Larsen


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