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To the editor:

Keegan Garrity, 2021 candidate for Logan City Council, cares about people and truth. I worked with Keegan years ago and saw in him a person who was willing to unabashedly speak truth to power, yet to do so in a respectful fashion and with a smile. I was once the subject of one of his corrections, and while I was briefly embarrassed about being wrong, once I recognized he hadn’t attacked me, just corrected some wrong information, I appreciated the correction.

I recently attended one of Keegan’s recent community outreach sessions and saw how he had both matured and stayed the same. His self confidence had increased, yet he was still cheerful and down to earth. I was very impressed with how he sought to understand more than seeking to be understood.

His performance during the meet the candidates discussion was another confirmation of his abilities. We have three great candidates, all who have served the community, but one stands out. Keegan’s community service and outreach shows his energy and commitment. I support his campaign platform. Keegan has my vote.

Jacob Anawalt

Logan, Utah

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