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To the editor:

Cache Valley’s annual oldie’s concert is always an exceptional part of the famous Cruise-In Independence Day celebrations. The bands are well known, loved, and heck, they’re still rocking! Having Loverboy and Survivor here this year showed some real talent to the demure citizens of our quiet city.

Rock concerts are a chance for us all to live a little, appreciate our freedoms — unless you live in Logan Utah, apparently. I was among several disenchanted Loganites that were asked to sit down and be polite lest we disturb other attendees of this loud and moving event. We should be ashamed to have had so much available, safe, and unobtrusive standing room surrounding priority seating and then have security tell our paying concertgoers that “[they] need to do better [than standing bothering people], or we can find someone to remove [them]”.

I was embarrassed to sit in a crowd of quiet church mice listening to the killer musicians of Survivor and was not one bit surprised when they didn’t so much as thank the city for having invited them. They may not have had the presence Loverboy came out with, but by gum, that was shameful. This wasn’t a high school prom when a DJ plays unfavorable music and the crowd sits down. Didn’t we invite these legends here?

Logan isn’t exactly known for lax policing of its citizens, nor for upholding some famous American Fourth of July favorites, but when a rock concert becomes a sacrament hall and the patrons are threatened to be removed for exhibiting enjoyment, I think we’re really going a little far. I’d suggest to the radio stations of our beloved Cache Valley, that in the future, they could at least offer a standing zone for our more enthusiastic community members.

Anna Graetz


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