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To the editor:

Two weeks ago Cache County had registered 43 COVID-19 cases according to BRHD.org and we had gone two five-day periods in which we only added one case each previous five-day stretch. Physical distancing had worked and we appeared to be on the down slope of controlling this virus and avoiding any fatalities. Then on May 6 after the president said we are going back to work, everyone in our beautiful valley seemed to take that as the official okie dokie to go back to normal.

Folks, normal has changed. Like it or not, this virus will not be defeated without a vaccine. Does that sound a bit alarmist? I looked at the BRHD.org COVID-19 tracker on May 7, a day that COVID-19 cases spiked, and in the last 11 days we have added 21 (half as many) cases as we had in eight weeks.

Now is not the time to let it rip. It is the time to proceed with caution. The freedom we have is tempered by common sense. We don’t go into a movie theater and scream fire, and we likewise should not go out without protecting our neighbors by wearing a mask. We can only save lives and defeat this virus if everyone takes responsibility. Everyone wants to tout their rights and freedoms, and that’s fine, but only if you respect everyone else’s rights and freedoms by doing your part to defeat this invisible enemy.

Benedict Thomas

North Logan

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