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To the editor:

With pen in hand, Utah Gov. Herbert breaks out in a broad smile as he places his signature on a student-driven climate resolution following the 2018 legislative session. I believe the smile came from his awareness that he was performing an act that brought great relief for the high school students who stood behind, perhaps one of his finest moments in his long tenure as Utah’s governor.

Our governor will have another opportunity to advance our youth’s interests if we are successful in getting enough signatures for a “Clean the Darn Air” ballot measure which would place a modest tax on carbon based fuels. About 75% of the income generated would offset the tax on foods along with several additional tax reductions. Lower income citizens would be especially advantaged with these tax breaks.

Most of the remaining 25% would target improving our air and offering grants for rural communities that are struggling due to shifting market demands for fossil fuel dependent jobs, especially coal. Also, deference would be given to farmers and other businesses who use high amounts of diesel and gasoline so they could remain competitive and financially viable. See details at https://www.cleanthedarnair.org/clean-the-air-carbon-tax-act/

The bottom line is a reduction of atmospheric pollutants and a market driven shift towards cleaner energy sources, while enhancing business opportunities in rural communities.

If Utah citizens are successful in this endeavor, it will provide political momentum for a similar “Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend” bill in the U.S. Congress which would clean our air, and reduce carbon emissions by 40% in 12 years while adding over 2 million new jobs. Our U.S. congressmen want to hear from us on this critical issue! Go to www.citizensclimatelobby.org click on “Our Climate Solution” and write your Congressman. Please include Senator Romney.

And please sign our petition to place a Utah carbon tax on the 2020 ballot which is circulating through the state!

Jack Greene