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To the editor:

The Mueller Report, in large part, is finally here. We can read it. We can see the evidence up close. The details of what Russia did — the multi-pronged attack on our country — are harrowing. Even more harrowing are the details of how one political campaign and one candidate welcomed that attack and sent clear messages that they greatly appreciated it. Next, the candidate who was so willingly aided by the enemy denied that it ever happened. Over and over. In his official capacity as our country’s leader, he has done everything he can to bury the stink of it.

He and his attorney general have tried to spin it into nothing, a “hoax” — tried to blame the corruption on the other party, or the FBI, or the Justice Department, even on an imaginary “coup” by an imaginary “Deep State” organization out to get him because he is such a good guy, such a good, good hero for America.

But Mueller has finally spoken out and declared their spin to be what it is: lies. The same thing we always get from this president. Trump is not innocent. He is not exonerated. Except in the same way that O.J. Simpson was exonerated. The technicalities of the law did not allow Mueller to indict him, and the barrage of corrupt rhetoric from his champions has so far allowed him to walk.

Well, now we can see and read about the DNA evidence. We can see the blood trails, the designer gloves, the bloody sock. DNA of the victims on the perpetrator and in his residence. DNA of the perpetrator on the victims and at their home. The cut on his hand. Mr. Trump had the means, the motive, and the opportunity. And he has no alibi.

As one pundit so aptly stated today, “The GOP would be lighting its hair on fire if a Democratic president had done what Mr. Trump has done.”

Are you the kind of person who is horrified and frightened that we have a sitting president who was helped there by an enemy nation, treasonously accepted their assistance, then steadfastly denied that the assistance ever took place — siding with that nation then and even now on so many issues, turning a blind eye to the fact that they are gearing up to attack America and the sanctity of her election process again in 2020?

Or are you the kind of person who sees all of this and … Just. Doesn’t. Care?

It is time to take a stand. Are you with Russia, with our enemy, with Mr. Trump on this issue, or are you on the side of truth, the Constitution, the side of America?

Please think hard before you make your choice.

Eric W Jensen