To the editor:

After contacting all the candidates running for the open seats on the Logan Municipal Council, Keegan Garrity has my vote. In fact, of all the newcomers to the race, he is the only one who responded to me.

I then met Keegan at the Cruise-In where he had some cars in the show, and it was my pleasure to sit with him for some time and explore his positions on topics.

What really struck me was his true empathy and his ability to relate. He is being proactive in getting feedback from the citizens and his Facebook page has quite a few videos where he shares his ideas because he wants to keep the folks informed.

Keegan is a family man with deep roots in Logan, and when you visit with him, it doesn't take very long before you realize he really does care about ALL the citizens of Logan.

Note: has officially endorsed one candidate, Keegan Garrity.

Keegan would be a very nice addition to the Logan Municipal Council

Rick Mayer


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