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To the editor:

I think we should continue to recount the votes of the presidential election. Let’s recount them once every day for the next 45+ days. Then this Grifter can go down in the history books as the poorest loser of all time. Forty-five times! Keep counting them!

So while newly elected leadership is trying to be established to transition from this four-year pocket lining, tax evading, vaudevillian clown show, by all means keep recounting the votes, keep petulantly firing people who dare live in reality. Let’s absolutely continue to disregard science and the pandemic.

You know we are really turning the corner!

All the while let’s manage to get plenty of rounds of golf in and have the CAPS LOCK key stuck ON for those late night/early morning “FRAUD,” “STOLEN,” “RIGGED,” “FAKE,” “CONCEDE NOTHING” Grifter attempts at some sort of delirium rage haikus.

Absolutely we should dispute the votes everyday while healthcare workers and hospital systems are at breaking points, businesses and school systems suffer, unemployment rates spike and this buffoon cast plots cartoonish schemes to overturn a free and fair election loss. This Grifters’ contempt for our democracy, our values and anything but himself is unending and unmatched.

Oh how great he is making us.

There should not be any shock that his grift is still on. I mean who knows what the going rate is for a pardon these days? And these “legal fees” to fight the “voter fraud” are just the organ grinder using his monkeys to scam money from the MAGA minions. He is grifting that cash, $170 million and counting, into a “super PAC” that he can use like his own bank account. Nice gig if you can get it.

Hopefully it’s not for bad hair dye, more porn stars or renting high dollar press conference sites like the gravel filled, back parking lot of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping with its prestigious, placarded metal garage door and wall mounted garden hose reels. That now famous location right outside of Philly is located, ironically, not far from where most roads lead for this clown show; a prison.

Today roughly 2,700 people died in this country from the coronavirus, a mere 200 less than died in the 9/11 attacks. The Grifter held a rambling 46-minute word salad purge of grievances and toxic hate mongering on Facebook. Meanwhile his sycophants held a “Stop the Steal” rally in Georgia to discourage Republicans from voting in the upcoming two-state Senate elections because they aren’t “stupid.” Ok?! That was just today.

Tomorrow? Well you can’t predict the Grifter clown show. Tragically approximately another 2,700 Americans will die of COVID. And please don’t forget let’s recount those votes!

Tod Goodwin


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