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To the editor:

The article in last weekend’s newspaper about Stork Landing was very well written. We are so grateful that Jenilyn and Joe Needham were able to carry on the Stork Landing tradition for so many years. They really have done a stellar job providing young families with expert products and advice for their growing families.

However there was one important piece of history that was discussed in the phone interview with my husband, Gene, that did not make it into the article. We wanted to express our appreciation for both Joe and Jenilyn, but also to our first manager, Kent Ricks. Kent had worked at our jewelry store for several years. As he worked on his interior design degree at USU, he seemed to be the perfect person to set up Stork Landing and make it look amazing. He did not disappoint. Anyone who knows Kent, knows of his incredible talent and good taste. He can make just about anything look better than a picture in a magazine. He worked there for several years until we were lucky enough to have him working at our jewelry store again.

He is now the owner of Curate, a furniture/home decor store where Edwards Furniture used to be housed in Downtown Logan. His keen eye for all things beautiful is even more evident there. It just didn’t feel right to miss the opportunity to mention his substantial contributions to Stork Landing’s beginnings, and to downtown Logan. He worked tirelessly attending trade shows with us and spent hours setting things up for success. He was there as we re-did the facade and remodeled the interior of the store.

It’s hard to see a chapter close that began so long ago. Joe and Jenilyn have raised their darling family working hard at that store. But we are confident they will find a good business to fill the building. As for Gene and myself, our 5th son, who is now nearly 18, was born days after the store opened. So as mentioned, the store has truly “lived” the lifetime of a child.

Thanks to Kent, and to all who have been a part of Stork Landing’s fulfilling journey.

Julie Needham


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