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To the editor:

It happened really fast. A black cat was hit by a car on SR165 by Ballard Springs Farm around 6:30 p.m. A nice woman stopped her car and another one joined her. The first woman tried to pick up the cat, but the cat was terrified and ran to the side of the road, dragging her back legs. The second woman stayed with the cat and called her mom for help. Her mom brought a trap and some towels and managed to put the cat into the trap. The cat spent the night at another person’s home, and everyone noticed she had been nursing. After a trip to the vet, it was determined the cat had a shattered pelvis and the skin had been peeled off her hind leg down to the ankle. It was cleaned out and stitched up. It was determined that she will survive but would need bed rest for 6-8 weeks. 

The second woman posted the cat online, and Cache Valley Lost and Found Cats picked it up. Lots of nice people shared the posts about the missing kittens. The mom and another volunteer with a kitten-finding Dachshund spent hours in the heat of the next day looking for the kittens in the area the cat was hit by the car. Subsequently, another nice woman called to say she lives near Ballard Springs Farm and her girls had found four small black kittens meowing under their yacht. Within 26 hours, the kittens and mama cat were reunited. 

The mama cat is a typical black cat with green eyes. She is pretty but not particularly remarkable — just another homeless cat hit by a car on the road. But, because of the kindness of all these people who took time out of their busy days, she is alive and reunited with her kittens. It is nothing short of a miracle created by ordinary people who showed acts of kindness to an animal in need. People like this make the world a nicer place to live as it should be. Thank you all!

Lisa Shaw

Four Paws Rescue

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