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To the editor:

“Merry Christmas.” Most of you readers know I have never inserted politics in my holiday season message. However, I feel I must do so this time as an exception. With the way non-conformist left groups such Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and now the Cancel Culture movement are acting, for those of you who usually have a “Nativity” display in your front yard I would suggest a cam-corder or two hooked to a loud alarm system so that if theft or damage is done, the vandals may be caught.

Those left loonies will stop at nothing to take away your freedoms. However, the radical ACLU will protect them before you. Under a Biden watch, this may very well be the last you may openly say “merry Christmas” to others aloud. We must not allow the left wing seditious dregs to silence our voices for the very sake of the solvency of America and our posterity. One more thing, thanks to the left and its promotion of the COVID virus, I am forced to cancel a 35 year traditional “Christmas” breakfast my family looks forward to. Shame on you for doing so. Once again I say, “Merry Christmas to you all and hopefully a happy New Year that won’t destroy our freedoms.”

Russ Larsen


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