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To the editor:

Friday, Sept. 18, I attended the Mountain Crest High School football game to watch my nephew play. I was appalled at the language I heard used on the Mountain Crest sideline by the coaches. Long before the game even started I saw three Mountain Crest coaches sitting on a bench on the sideline talking. One of the coaches jumped up and stated loudly “That’s F***ing ridiculous,” laughing and joking with the other coaches. I was in the bleachers and heard the comment very plainly. There were other incidents of that language throughout the game that night, not only just general comments but also some derogatory comments directed to the players by some members of the coaching staff in particular.

It’s sad to see that language is acceptable from a high school coaching staff. The men that are supposed to be leaders and to set an example for the youth they coach. I am appalled that the administration of Mountain Crest would allow that to take place in their school and that the Superintendent of your district has not put a stop to it. How do we expect our youth to rise above using such language when the coaches they look up to, not only use that language but direct it towards the players? I would think that language is not tolerated by students at Mountain Crest, why are the coaches aloud to speak to the athletes that way. I cannot imagine there is much respect on a football team when the players are talked to the way they were Friday night. My son plays football in Idaho, and as a parent I would be upset to find out my son’s coaches spoke to him that way. Keep your chin up Mountain Crest football players. You deserve better.

Shelly Hart

Malad, Idaho

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