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To the editor:

Dan Johnson has been a good friend of ours for many years and we highly recommend his re-election to the Utah House of Representatives. His concern for individual matters as well as concerns of the entire population of his district and the state of Utah have been demonstrated as he has served us these past two years. Dan cares and takes the time to listen so he can learn and evaluate all sides of the issues. I have closely observed him in action as we coached pony league baseball, discussed school performances, or conversed over a casual dinner. Dan is consistently honest, concerned and fair. Dan gathers information and begins to formulate ways to improve the situation as he consults with those involved. These characteristics are repeated time after time in his life as coach, school administrator, and our representative to the Utah State House of Representatives. We are very fortunate to have a man who cares about each of us when making his decisions. He has earned our vote!

Dixie Lou and Morris N. Poole


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